criminal corruption Corpus Christi

18 Feb


SS disability biggest illegal drug money provider in Corpus Christi Texas 

Social security admin- Port street- Corpus Christi Texas- federal investigation 

White people need not apply 

I have to die first- 

Social Security stole my money and gave it to drug addicts- 

Drug deals outside of the local social security office- with your money 

Criminal corruption at social security- corpus christi Texas 

White man with no name 

Social security corruption in South Texas- AKA little Mexico 

Mexican judge just left note at my front door- Welcome to little Mexico 

Criminal corruption scandal- corpus Christi Texas 

I was going to tag these videos to the upcoming teaching post- but being I’m behind right now- I figured I would simply post them now.

I have talked about the ongoing corruption in the courts of Corpus Christi Texas for the past few years.

Recently an FBI undercover sting busted a South Texas judge for the taking of bribes.

I also have talked about the rampant Mexican drug cartels and how they have infiltrated Corpus Christi to the highest levels- this is no secret for those who have been around for years.

But the last few days I have talked about a personal case- I usually do not use this forum for personal benefit- but in a way it shows you how ‘back water’ Corpus Christi is.

When dealing with a federal agency [SSA] you would expect a level of professionalism- you would hope that the same ‘unprofessional’ tactics seen in the local courts- would not spill over into the federal agency- but that is what has indeed happened in Corpus Christi.

I obviously can not write all the examples I gave on the videos- but if you watch them- you might understand my anger on these ‘roll- out’ posts.

I should have the teaching post up in a day or so.

But sad to say- the rampant corruption in Corpus Christi Texas- connected to the Mexican drug cartels out of Mexico- is still going strong.


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