14 Dec

12-13-18 Update 

see it to believe it 

Another 1

I’m actually trying to update some of my sites- but I figured I better put all these links on one quick post- you know- life is short.

And living in Corpus Christi- well- the life expectancy goes down rapidly when you expose corruption!

Ok- hopefully I will have the new video links up soon- for the most part all of my sites are still the same- I’m just tweaking a few things.

To all of my friends on these other sites- I love you all- and even if I’m not as active [daily] I still count it as a responsibility to try my best to communicate.

I know at times I get mad on the videos- and yes- you hear my curse every now and then.

I make no excuses for it- but everything is real on my sites- I don’t get mad to put on a show-

No- I get mad because I’m really mad.

Many Christians- pastors believe it is wrong to speak out about abuse- or to do ‘social justice'.

I spoke out on the death of  a Black Man- shot and killed by CCPD.

The man- Dewboy Lister needed someone to speak out- his son contacted me on Youtube because he felt he could not trust ‘the system’-

It is a disgrace that a Black man and his family can not trust the city they were born and raised in.

It is a disgrace that Pastors- even Black pastors refuse to ever deal with issues like this.

But if your own child was killed- I guarantee you- you would speak- if your own father was shot dead- yes- then you would speak.

But when it’s someone you don’t know- then you hide behind ‘I only preach the gospel’.

I bet you wouldn’t say that if it was your kid-

Speak out- for all the oppressed- fear no man- we will all have to give an account one day-

And the cowards will be there as well.


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