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SATURDAY- The white truck doing 100 mph on spid- over the oso bridge- you see him on video titled ‘Gotcha’

New Living Translation
Then Samson said, "With the jawbone of a donkey, I've piled them in heaps! With the jawbone of a donkey, I've killed a thousand men!" Judges 15:16 [for a quick post- I guess this verse could fit]

5-19-18 Trump spy set up- DISGRACE! https://youtu.be/3_eFY_tNuMQ


5-19-18 caller Times- Tom Whitehurst- Nick Jimenez [Trump stuff too] https://youtu.be/9Yn2m0FtYpY 


5-19 18 Where did you go? [strong language] https://youtu.be/eEEChLi-J0M 

5-19-18 Gotcha! https://youtu.be/dJxSUR2w2WU 

5-19-18 You don’t make the cut brother https://youtu.be/tlodMFHafhw 

I usually just tag these videos to an upcoming post- but being I made them all today- and because of the subject matter- I figured I would post them now.

Earlier in the day I dealt with corruption issues- nothing new.

But when I went to take my walk- some guys in a white truck yelled out of the window- and it was more than ‘usual’.

One of the guys was hanging halfway out the window- and the threat was ‘more than normal’.

It upsets me because when this happens [it has happened before] they usually wait until I’m walking- and they yell it from the vehicle- and leave.

I had enough time to walk back to the car- and see if I could ‘catch up with them’.

But by the time I did the turnaround- and went over the bridge- they were gone.

As I was heading back to the spot where I was before- sure enough that same truck was on the highway [up top] and sounded a horn.

 I had enough time to catch the on-ramp and followed them- just to see what the brothers wanted.

The truck was doing up to a hundred miles and hour- and I did not go that fast.

But it showed me this was probably them.

So I caught that on the last video [gotcha].

Of course I deal with lots of issues- and I’m never sure ‘who sent them’- but either way- if people in vehicles yell threats out of them [one time they threw a water bottle at me while I was walking over the same bridge].

Then if that's your lifestyle- a life of crime- then at least live up to your calling and don’t flee when the person your threaten is more than willing to to settle the issue.

But yes- we have problems here in Corpus- and I guess even the criminals can’t carry out their task.



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